Stories | Re-exploring Magic Marketplace

IMG_3876Rene Lacoste says, “Without style, playing & winning are not enough.” And it is true. These are my stories:

What does a terrarium have to do with style? A terrarium is a vivarium for smaller land animals typically in the form of a glass. At makers kit, one could create your own mini-world full of lush green plants and red and blue dinosaurs. A beautiful terrarium will certainly add a dash of style (including fresh air) into your space.

Photographers work hard at Magic. Here, I was honored to see a talented photographer at work, photographing a pair of sunglasses, then photographing a jacket. I then photographed the photographer.

This summer, I learned a lot about Clarks’ history and how they make shoes. For example, this is a pair of Clarks Wallabees. I love the quality, comfort and durability of Clarks shoes.

There are a number of artwork at Magic, and I could watch each artist paints his masterpiece.

FullSizeRender 11

Every year, I visit Mighty Fine, and of course, this year, Deadpool is the hero, or anti-hero.

I love shoes! and it is always refreshing to discover designers with unique style. Christopher Coy is one of the designers. Their designers include comfort in heels that you could walk miles in – in style.

Thank you, Magic Marketplace, for giving me this opportunity – with all of my heart. ❤

Let your outer and inner beauty shine! everyday.

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