Merchant Genius Chats | Magic | Smak Parlour, Nature’s Kindle and Stacy Sterling

I love stories, especially stories from founders and makers of beautiful things. Here are a few stories – I call them “Merchant Genius Chats”.

I love the vintage vibes inspired by the 1960s from Smak Parlour. Here is Abby’s story.

Sometimes I want to lit a candle to create a romantic setting. I am amazed by the smell of Nature’s Kindle candles.

And of course, there are the most feminine and pretty bohemian jewelry at Stacy Sterling.


Thank you, Magic, for giving me this opportunity – with all of my heart. ❤

Let your outer and inner beauty shine! everyday.

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Magic Makers

These makers created beautiful florals, embroidered roses on purses, made animal ears just for you, mixed the prettiest colors and of course and created kick ass shoes!

Credits: Photographer, Darryl

Thank you, Magic, for giving me this opportunity – with all of my heart. ❤

Let your outer and inner beauty shine! everyday.

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Passion Chat with Artist Bob Layton

At Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016 in San Jose, California, we chatted with artist Bob Layton about passion. Bob reinvented the Iron Man comic in the late 1970s. Learn more about his passion and what he’s excited about every morning.

Have a beautiful day! – And let your inner beauty shine!

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Stories | Re-exploring Magic Marketplace

IMG_3876Rene Lacoste says, “Without style, playing & winning are not enough.” And it is true. These are my stories:

What does a terrarium have to do with style? A terrarium is a vivarium for smaller land animals typically in the form of a glass. At makers kit, one could create your own mini-world full of lush green plants and red and blue dinosaurs. A beautiful terrarium will certainly add a dash of style (including fresh air) into your space.

Photographers work hard at Magic. Here, I was honored to see a talented photographer at work, photographing a pair of sunglasses, then photographing a jacket. I then photographed the photographer.

This summer, I learned a lot about Clarks’ history and how they make shoes. For example, this is a pair of Clarks Wallabees. I love the quality, comfort and durability of Clarks shoes.

There are a number of artwork at Magic, and I could watch each artist paints his masterpiece.

FullSizeRender 11

Every year, I visit Mighty Fine, and of course, this year, Deadpool is the hero, or anti-hero.

I love shoes! and it is always refreshing to discover designers with unique style. Christopher Coy is one of the designers. Their designers include comfort in heels that you could walk miles in – in style.

Thank you, Magic Marketplace, for giving me this opportunity – with all of my heart. ❤

Let your outer and inner beauty shine! everyday.

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Embrace the Goddess in You


2015 Big Wow, San Jose

“Being brave enough to just be unapologetic for who you are, that’s a goddess.” — Banks

Outer Beauty

Each Goddess at Big Wow wears beautiful garments, jewelry and scent to honor her inner beauty, femininity and temple of her body.

1.  Her Outer Beauty is Timeless.  A Goddess leans toward clothing, accessories and shoes that are timeless. They represent the values that she deeply believes in, not confined by time. For example, if she has a higher consciousness for animals, she will not wear leather or fur, even if leather or fur is in season.

2. Wear Pieces that Embody Wholeness.  Embracing her entire body and soul, a Goddess favors clothing that embody wholeness – the integration of her polarities, both good and bad. She knows who she is, and her value. Therefore, her clothing represents her as a whole.

3. Appreciate Movement and Flow.  Instead of materials that are restrictive, a Goddess prefers flexible materials that allow movement and flow. She moves across land as if she owns it, her heads up, her feet firm. No clothing, accessories, or shoes pull her back. She just is.

Inner Beauty

At Big Wow, Goddesses possess the following inner beauty:

1. She Loves Who She Is.  A Goddess knows who she is – her strengths and her weaknesses, things she love about herself and things she may not like about herself – and she accepts them all. She loves who she is. Only if she chooses to evolve, she consciously makes decisions to grow and takes actions to do so.

2. She is Brave. Many women are afraid to speak and live her truth. A Goddess, however, lives her truth and is not afraid of what other people think of her. For example, if a third person wants the Goddess to do something she doesn’t want to do, she wouldn’t do it and respectfully explains why, stating her truth.  She is brave.

3. She Goes After Her Purpose.   Realizing that life is short, a Goddess seeks her purpose, and when she finds it, she goes after it with all of her heart, soul and might.

Have a beautiful day! – And let your inner beauty shine!

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Thrive to be a Man With Character



photo (1)

“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”—Malcolm S. Forbes.

Outer Beauty

New York city is defined by millions of yellow taxis and large crowds. Some people say that this city is full of arrogant assholes. Some people even say that they deserve to carry such pretension merely because they survive thrive in such a hard beautiful city. I say that New York city is full of millions of individuals, each with his own unique story. And here, New York to me, as a person, is defined by the men and women who laid on the tiny grass of Central Park at night, taxi drivers who refused to charge me any fees, poets with their vintage typewriters drafting a poem for $0.25, restaurants with Japanese toilets that caused a few giggles (and screams) among girls and pool places where good friends hang out. She is strong, fun, flexible.

I am sitting on a lounge chair of the Square booth after cruising Project New York. I admit – I love PoolTradeShow, where designers and artists display new items specifically for the boutique market. And I am amazed that I found a company, Solid Threads, that make “clothing with character.” As Brian Carr, founder of Solid Threads, told me his story, I was pleasantly surprised – a clothing company that cares about character. One by one, I am finding, speaking with, being connected to, individuals whom not only have the strength to build companies from scratch, they carry the strength that change the world around them – beyond the successful companies that they have built. And that is truly awesome.

The tees speak for themselves – buy one at Wear one with a pair of jeans or khakis and you’re set!

Inner Beauty

Project New York features clothing, accessories and shoes for men. Beyond physical beauty, men with character are sexy because of the following:

1. Men with Character Do What is Right. Character is who you are when no one is looking. Men who have character choose to do the right thing even when no one is looking. He is not perfect and he does not always choose the correct course of action. However, he makes things right. He makes a commitment and follows through with it. He thrives to be a better man.

2. Men with Character are Courageous. He has fears. In fact, he is afraid of many things. However, he has the courage to respond to fear. When he is afraid of his emotions (which he has bottled up), he is not afraid to face it – to feel the pain, to experience it, to walk toward his emotions. When he wants to run away, he marches toward resolution – working with another individual, diminishing problems instead of allowing problems to destroy relationships (whatever type it is).

3. Men with Character are Humble.  He has the confidence and courage to be vulnerable – He does not need to be always right, first and the best, and he could and would admit it when he is wrong. They could step aside, observe their past actions and say that they’ve made mistakes. And such mistakes are what make us human, what make us stronger, grow a little bit deeper.

Have a beautiful day! – And let your inner beauty shine!

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